Nick Stevens

Episode 42 – About Digital Office Groningen, with Nick Stevens

Nick Stevens returns to the podcast to tell about his new role as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The city of Groningen is currently facilitating “an experiment towards the future” as our guest describes it. What it is and what the outcome exactly will be is unclear, but when we take the technological changes and its impact on the labor market for example, it will undoubtedly be necessary. How do we get people ready to live in this digital world?    Why a digital office? Stevens sees some unsettling ripples on the horizon. “Let’s just imagine the robots are here and they do all…

Episode 22 – About startup culture, with Nick Stevens (@clogish)

Startups are hot and happening right now. But how come, what are they, and why are people interested in starting up?  In this episode we talk with startup inspirator par excellence Nick Stevens. He is one of the active coaches of the world wide event Startup Weekend and is currently working on Platform Zuid; which, according to Nick, will be “a city in a building, an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive.”